Kindle Unlimited

I don’t know abut the rest of the writing world, but so far, I’m impressed. I don’t read like I used to because I don’t have enough time to read, but for under $10 there are an amazing number, over 600,000 and growing, of books from which to choose.

The last time I bought a granddaughter a paperback it was over $11. And really, I’m a serious sucker when it comes to children and reading. If one of my grandchildren wants a book, I’ll get it for her. I don’t buy games or movies, but I’ll buy them a book! My whole family knows that including nieces, nephews, and now grandnephews.

Kids who have their noses in books aren’t usually getting into trouble. They tend to have higher grades because of better reading skills, and in general just do better with life.  But oh it can get expensive!

There were book clubs when my girls were little. They were each in two clubs. That cost added up quickly and often there was no choice in what was sent. Of course you could send back anything that you didn’t like, but it was a hassle. Now a family can spend $9.99 and have more books than ever.  You can read a different book every night to your children, and if you are anything like me, I can read a book a day and if it’s short – two or more. No more expensive paperback books! Never has reading been so afARWlandspe 400 x 600fordable!

So what has it done to my sales? Flattened them! But my books are still being bought through the Kindle Unlimited program. It’s a mixed bag for me. Kindle does pay me for the downloads, not much, but something. That’s my problem, not the Kindle Unlimited reader who is taking advantage of this great opportunity to read as much as they want.

In my attempt to try to find you a direct link to to sign up for their 30 day free trial- I signed myself up for 30 days! It was so easy! 🙂

Here’s how I did it. I went to my book A RANCHER’S WOMAN

See where it says:

Kindle Unlimited Read this title for free and get unlimited access to over 600,000 titles. Learn More

Click on Learn More.

Now you’ll see a page with a picture and it says watch video. Well under that it says something about free trial. Yep, that’s what I clicked and I now have a free month of reading happiness!  And you don’t need a Kindle – any Kindle app will work!

The author world is actually quite small. We know who writes what and who is good. I’m actually thinking about starting a reader review for books. A place where anyone can post their super favorite books. Maybe it will help everyone find some great books. But in the meantime, if you have a question, or want to know about a great sci-fi author or a good… ask!

And since I have a whole month of free shopping – guess where I’m headed! And don’t forget to pick up a few of my books!

Have you signed up for Kindle Unlimited? What do you think?


2 Responses to Kindle Unlimited

  1. Missy Lou says:

    my children, their children and soon their children have always had to have at least 2 books on birthday and Christmas wish lists. As a retired college professor I cannot emphasize how important reading is to education. However due to 2 very bad and costly experiences with Amazon I do not have a Kindle BUT I own a Nook HD + which I love—the rest of my family own Nooks as well We are lucky here to have a library system that allows for digital checkout of many many books (digital and audio), movies, and music. My city also has the first ALL digital library in the country and is building a second and third ones in other sections of the city! E readers according to one grandson are the greatest thing invented since sliced bread! I can’t think of starting trip to make sure the Nook is full and ready to go!!


  2. E. Ayers says:

    I had a granddaughter in second grade who was having difficulty reading. The problem was she wasn’t lagging far enough behind to be considered for any special help from the school. Her eyesight was good, etc. I paid the reading specialist to work with her. When the granddaughter was brought up to speed, the specialist was going to end their sessions. No way! Push her to be a good reader. So she did.

    The following school year my granddaughter proudly announced that she was reading on a senior level. I asked her if she knew what that really meant. I told her that, short of some technical science book, she could read anything she wanted. She looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

    She went home, picked up a book that had belonged to her stepdad and read it. I think it was a Tom Clancy. That was it. She had her nose in a book nonstop after that. Fortunately the school librarian was a family friend and knew what the granddaughter was reading, so the child was no longer forced to check out books from the elementary school library.


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