Just Bits and Pieces

file7691286497067Fall is here and I’m loving the cooler temps. Goodbye blistering hot days and hello to cooler evenings.

Did you know Tuesday is supposed to be some sort of super moon? Apparently it will be close to the earth and a full one so it should be a beauty as it rises. Is your camera ready? Looks like we’ve got thunderstorms predicted so I’m don’t think I’m going to have a very clear view.  Darn! But if we have a break in the clouds, I know the perfect spot!

I don’t work for tourism but if you live on the east coast, September is a wonderful time to vacation at the beach. One – the water is warmer, two – the hotel rates have dropped, and three – no crowds! I’m lucky, it’s just a short drive to a lovely beach where I can stick my toes in the sand and really enjoy the experience. (Just be very careful because, in most places, the lifeguards no longer are there to protect you.)

MFU0916I’ve been working hard. I’ve got stories in my head and I’m very anxious to start writing, but I also have some smaller obligations for a couple of anthologies and I’m determined to fix my pitiful website and finish the “other” pages on this site.

I’m on Twitter. Again, maybe not as much as I should be. Social media is not my forte, but I’m forced to do something, so I do that…and this and some other blog stuff. But the reason I’m telling you about Twitter is because in October I tweet a Halloween joke twice a day. I try very hard to keep them family friendly. Some are corny but that’s okay. If it makes you smile or gives your children a good giggle, I’ve done my job. You’ll find me @ayersbooks

Now you are wondering why I tweet Halloween jokes.  It started several years ago. A ASAHDsmSkeleton at Her Door was brand new and I was trying my best to let people know about the book. Well, my hope was that maybe people would buy my book(s).  I have no clue if it works. But I love Halloween. It’s just fun. There’s nothing serious about the holiday.

I love the pumpkins and all the autumn decorations. Even the food is wonderful. Freshly picked apples that really crunch as you eat them. And after avoiding the oven like the Black Plague during the summer, there’s all those pies and homemade bread. Yeah, I definitely like the food!

I’m ready for Autumn!

(And my friends on the other side of the equator, I’m sure you are ready for spring!)


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