Paper and Distribution

I’m going to paper!

I’m not just going to paper, I’m going to bookstores. I’ve got a distributor. I hired a manager.

It’s a long story. I know the person, and I’ve known her for a million years. Not quite but most of her life she’s been part of mine. One of those people who have been in this industry for 20 years.

Maybe it was kismet. I was at the point that I knew I needed to make some changes. Being a minnow in the big ocean is very precarious and this year I said I was going to change some things. Last year’s hectic pace of writing and publishing was not something I wanted to repeat. There had to be a better way.

But what? I didn’t come into indie publishing with a name behind me, yet I’ve done extremely well. Still, I’m not where I want to be. So keep writing? Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. I fit those words to a T and I knew it. I also didn’t want to give up my indie status and control.

I’m a novelist, not a web guru, or a marketing genius. Say SEO to me and I cringe. Key words scare me. Tagging? I’m computer challenged and totally techno challenged. I needed help!

Happenstance put me and this other person emailing abck and forth one evening. I admitted I was lost in the deep blue sea. She was on the verge of contacting me to ask to be my manager. She’s got the connections and the know-how! She wanted my books!

PLEASE!!! Take them! Actually, they are still mine, but she’s going to manage them!

Does it sound easy? I’ve busted my butt for days getting things to her and collaborating on things like covers. Original stock from the cover? Oh, I found it! That computer crash last year did some weird things, but it’s amazing what I had backed up on flash drives and salvaged.

So A Rancher’s Woman will go to print. My newest historical A Rancher’s Dream will also go to print. They will be available in e-form on Amazon and at your local bookstores. And my wedding vow books will be combined into one fat paperback and will also be available. My contemporary westerns will follow and eventually my River City books will go to print and into distribution.

So here I am in this whirlwind and I know almost nothing – that’s why I hired her! And she told me to write the diary of Clare Coleman! I will! I am!

Oh, to not worry about all the small stuff and concentrate on my writing will be heaven. But right now, I’m in edits and I’m thrilled that A Rancher’s Dream will soon be available.





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