Busy Weekend? I had fun!

In real life, I’m more than just an author. Actually I’m a lot of things. I’m a widow, a mother, a grandmother, a best friend, slave to a cat, leader of the pack for a dog, artist, and a multitude of other things which also includes volunteer to the local County Fair and photographer for that Fair.

When I as eighteen, I found myself in the position of wife and mother, and at some point I decided that was it – no matter what happened, I would be wife and mother, and never much more than that. I was so wrong! I loved being both and I took both positions very seriously, but life keeps changing, and although both our girls are grown, I will always be their mother.

Being a widow doesn’t exactly negate my position of wife for almost 37 years. So am I still his wife? I know I’m his widow, but what happened to being his wife? I haven’t exactly figured that out. Sometimes I still feel married. I still feel like my husband’s wife.

But over the years, I’ve  added to my life, and before my husband died, I became a professional photographer. I’ve become  a journalistic photographer, which to me is fun! And being part of the county fair is tons of work, but again, it’s fun, and it’s a way of giving back to the community.

So I spent two days of this weekend doing photography work for a county fair sponsored event. Then Monday, I spent it as a friend and we all went fishing! Hey, we are all standing not more then a few feet from each other, on my one friend’s father’s pier, using the same bait, etc, and I caught the least! Go figure! We had fun! We laughed, joked, played, cheered, and did all those friend things. I cherish those moments.

So I was crazy busy doing stuff  this weekend but enjoying all of it! To say I’m tired is a serious understatement, but it’s a good kind of feeling. When I sat down to look at my emails and check the web… I found this! Blank white book w/path

I’m loving it! And I’m sure you are wondering why it has such a green cover. Does this explain it?

**The elusive dream of his own ranch rested before him, a reality still shrouded in a morning mist that reflected the green of nature, of money, of success, and of a future.**

It’s a line from the story and I’m thrilled!

A Rancher’s Woman has gained all sorts of accolades for its historical accuracy and its story, including being placed in an American Indian encyclopaedia. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this new book, A Rancher’s Dream, measures up.


I’m an author, but I’m more than just an author. I’m a person. I also happen to be right brained, which has colored my entire life. And I was the math major in school? It was pictures with numbers.

This weekend was a mini vacation for me. A chance to get away from my computer for hours, and spend it with friends. A chance to be me, not just an author. Nothing earth-shattering happened. No great fodder for another story – just county fair friends and other friends, just time away filled with laughter. We all need those moments.

Being the photographer gives me privileges and access behind the scenes, but it’s really about friendships – many are over 20 years old. And those friends don’t look at me as anything special – I’m just me, just another volunteer that makes it all possible.  And fishing? I can tie a square knot and bait a hook.

Of course one of my friends, while we were fishing, was playing music via her phone.  To the right, to the left, walk it out… I can’t do it when I’m not holding a fish hook and bait. The fish didn’t seem to care that we were playing music, we caught a ton!

What did you do?


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