When Not to Write!

February 25, 2015

I picked up a bug and not the garden kind. I wound up at the doctors’ offices. I passed the chest X-ray, and failed the breathing test. Over and over they asked if I had asthma. No! Gasping for breath is no fun!

But I’m no wimp so I kept writing! I should have stopped and curled up on file0001122800560the sofa. To Have & To Hold went to my editor. She came back and said she could tell how sick I’ve been. Oh no! Oh yeah! Not my usual mistakes.

When the one went to the editor, the other went to a writer friend for a content read. I think she managed to get to page 25 and found a dozen things. I went back through it. Omigod! I should have climbed on the sofa and never attempted to write. What was I thinking?

To Have & To Hold is awaiting release. Why? I still don’t trust anything I’ve written.

My other manuscript is waiting for me to push send so it can go on its merry way to my editor. I’m even less trusting of the words on those virtual pages.

I really should have pretended I wasn’t facing deadlines on two books. I should have just slept through the worst of my viral infection. Maybe I’d feel better by now and my ears wouldn’t feel as though I was living under water. I’m sure I would have saved days of reworking my manuscript so that the words made sense. I cut whole paragraphs because I couldn’t figure out what I was thinking or trying to say.

I’ve written through times of great stress and loss without such problems, but the next time I grab a viral bug… I’m going to bed and staying there! There’s no point in make more work for myself!

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

February 11, 2015

With the pressure of two books coming out in March, I’ve been buried in my writing cave AKA my computer room. And being I’ve barely stuck my nose out for the last few months… I want to know!

Valentine’s Day is this wonderful romantic celebration. That one night that you do something special. So I, as romance writer, am naturally interested in these very important romantic moments. In real life, I’ve seen marriage proposals, super restaurant meals with wine and roses, a new car, lots of chocolate, and pizza dinners.

So what was the most romantic Valentine’s day you’ve ever had? What happened and where did you go or not go, or… Tell me please because I  love hearing about real romance! (Keep it PG, there’s not over 18 warning on this blog! LOL)

Stop over to my contact page if you’d like to win an advanced copy of my new books! :-)

Moving Along

February 2, 2015

Wedding Vow 3, To Have & To Hold is done! Well, it’s written. It’s going to my editor. A beta reader said she laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great! It’s not fluffy, or a comedy, but there are funny moments in it.

My historical western, set in Creed’s Crossing, Wyoming, is almost completed. I’m near the end, and so far, I’m quite happy with it.

That doesn’t mean I get to slack off. No way! I’ll be teaching a series of workshops for the City of Portsmouth, Virginia library system in March. I’ll give you more on that later. So far I only have dates March 7, 14, 21, and 28, and that it will cover writing a novel from start to finish. Lots of info to cram into four weeks.

I’ll be posting the covers and blurbs for both books here as soon as I have them. February will be busy but not as bad as December and January – I hope.

Yes, I know all about what happened in the Superbowl game. A friend sent me a detailed explanation – um…if you understand the game then I guess it makes sense. But I’ve never been a football fan. I have no idea what a down means so I’m hopeless!  Don’t tell me they are wearing blue – they both were wearing blue! Oh, the shirt.

And a guy by the name of Brady was playing and he has a brother who also plays. Apparently they are good guys. I’m just happy to hear there are good guys playing the game, because it seems like so many of them aren’t.

To play the game, the guys start out in the center and try to get the ball to the other side by kicking it or throwing it through the goal posts, or carrying it over a line.  It’s the other team’s job to prevent it by tackling them and send them to the ground by creating a massive pile of humans. And that is my knowledge of football.

I’m slightly better with baseball. I understand that game. The pitcher tries to throw a ball that no one can hit with a baseball bat. If the ball is hit and it doesn’t go in the proper direction, it’s called a foul. If it goes where it should and someone catches it, that person with the bat is out. If they grab it eventually, they have to throw it to someone who tries to tag the runner with the ball, or sends it to the base where the guy is running. At least they don’t tackle him or try to “hit” him with the ball. It’s a more civilized sport.

They tried to teach me to play team sports in school. Funny thing, I could run like the wind and I can throw a baseball, but I was lousy at everything except pitching. You want me to put the ball where? Fast or slow? Okay. It’s a skill that comes in handy when trying to get rid of dust webs on the ceiling with a tennis ball draped in an old sock.


In My Writing Cave

January 12, 2015

I’ve been so busy writing, that I’ve practically forgotten everything around me. I’ve had friends calling and asking if I can meet them at Starbucks -um, no. I’m under a deadline and I’ve cut my own throat. I coffee cuppromised the Authors of Main Street that I would be part of their boxed set Love Blooms on Main Street that will be released this spring. But I also committed to another friend that I would write a historical for a boxed set that she was trying to form with several friends.

So as soon as I finished Happy Holidays, River City  (USA link: http://amzn.com/B00R0H1MTE) I started on the next Wedding Vow book for the Main Street set, tentatively named To Have and To Hold. I finished it, and it’s sitting there simmering. (Every authors understand why.) I jumped immediately into the historical. But this one has a twist. All the heroines in this set are supposed to be spies. Spies? OMG!  I don’t write that! So my heroine has no idea she’s going to be a spy. All she knows is that her brother was murdered, as was her father. Right now, she’s on the run to protect her life, and she’s headed for the quiet town of Creed’s Crossing.

So I’m pounding the keyboard as fast as I can, because I gave both groups my word. It’s not like a signed contract, but I was raised to believe that if you gave your word, you stuck with it. Maybe in this day and age, honor isn’t what it used to be, but if I promise to do something, I do it.

So I’m hiding behind my computer, writing with as much speed as possible and trying not to get side-tracked. Because along with honor comes another little thing that seems to be missing these days – quality. So honor goes to my fellow writers and quality goes to my readers. I refuse to disappoint either one!

Happy Holidays

December 25, 2014

Happy holidaysFrom My House to Yours, Happy Holidays!

May the Season be Filled with Happiness and Peace.

I Think I’m Off Santa’s Nice List

December 16, 2014

Here comes the holidays, and I’m far from ready for them. Why? I’m not sure it’s any one thing. It’s more like the accumulation of many. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone trying to get books out.  Go check my What’s New page!

Trying to get Happy Holidays, River City published was enough to kick me off of Santa’s nice list. I’m very good at cursing and I’ve done lots of that! Really. If it could go wrong, it did! I stared writing these stories for my collection this summer and, to be honest, I’m not comfortable writing something so condensed. I’m forced to give up a certain amount of character development and emotion. That alone bothers me. And if you are a reader of my River City books, you’ll understand. I love digging into my characters to that depth.  Can’t do it when writing really short stories.

Then I had committed to the A Holiday Anthology Volume 2 A Collection of Winter Holiday Tales.  I had to toss Happy Holidays, River City to one side to work on that and write A Cowboy’s Holiday. Plus I do the last minute proofing and formatting for the Exquisite Quills’ A Holiday Anthology Volume 2 A Collection of Winter Holiday Tales. Another bite into my time.

I’ve also been trying to mentor and help a young friend with her book. She managed to get it written, then sold it, had to do edits, and now is dealing with all the promo that goes with it. Um, I’m dealing with promo for my books! I volunteered to help her every step of the way and I have. She’s a delightful young woman and she’s written an awesome, very sexy book.

The truth is I bit off more than I can chew and maybe this whole experience has taught me never to attempt this crazy schedule again. I had to put Happy Holidays, River City to one side several times to do other things. Plus I must have written at least six stories that I had to abandon or that collection would have been 100K. But just when I thought I had all my ducks lined up and I was ready to publish,  I had to put it aside again. When I came back to it… I was lost. What had been… Omigod!  I had to go back though each set of edits and redo everything. I wanted to cry.

Then I looked at the one story and knew it just didn’t the strength of the others. I sent it to two author friends and their comments really helped. I tweaked the story some more and the story instantly improved. Sent it to my final editor and waited for it to be returned. In the meantime, I did the formatting.

Oh, did I forget to toss in the personal holidays? A little Christmas shopping?(Lots of gift cards.)  Decorating? (That’s not really going to happen!) Oh and the wind storm the other night must have sent the turbine off my roof, but I didn’t know it until my neighbor brought it back yesterday afternoon saying it was in his yard! If it rains tonight  and that’s not on there by then, I’m going to have a huge mess! That’s a gaping hole in my roof! I’m in serious trouble.

And well… It’s the holidays and with it comes its own little black cloud. So here I am alone. My very own little pity party? I wouldn’t say depressed. I think I’m over the worst of that. Facing the first Christmas without my husband was tough, but it’s gotten easier with each passing year. This will also be the last Christmas that I’ll have both my girls in town, as the youngest one is going to be moving away in the next few months. But the fun of the holidays is still missing.

Will it be just another day? Maybe. Probably not. I have some terrific friends and I promise they won’t let me wallow in pity alone. I already know I have two invitations for Christmas day, and Christmas Eve I will be with my girls or I should be. Last year that went haywire, as the one is an RN and had to work.  So things change and I must adapt.

A friend called me grouchy. Sorry! I’ve been under pressure.  Too much pressure and with two books facing me… I just have to get through it. And I really don’t want to talk about the dust that has accumulated through all of this.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet here. I need to clean my house, fix the roof (somehow), get through the holidays, and write two books in two months. Then I’m taking a break. Maybe I’ll head to Wyoming this spring. Oh that sounds wonderful!

Can’t say my life is boring.


Being Thankful

November 27, 2014

ready_to_eatIt’s Thanksgiving in the USA, Canada had their last month, and Australia had theirs back in May (their fall season).  But there’s nothing wrong with any of us taking a moment and being thankful.

I think with roots in pagan times, the idea of celebrating a fruitful harvest has been kicking around for a very long time. But in the USA it’s become a day of family and food, but mostly a day to give thanks for all the wonderful that we have.

My girls run off with their guys and celebrate with those families, so I celebrate it with friends. But it doesn’t take a formal holiday for us to remember to be thankful for what we have. For the hot shower and the sweet scented soaps, for that nice toothbrush and great tasting toothpaste that keeps are smiles healthy and bright, and as a friend says this list could go on forever. But we often forget and take things for granted.

I hope everyone reading, no matter where you live, takes a moment to be thankful for what they have, and to let your friends and loved ones know how much they mean to you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!





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