In My Writing Cave

I’ve been so busy writing, that I’ve practically forgotten everything around me. I’ve had friends calling and asking if I can meet them at Starbucks -um, no. I’m under a deadline and I’ve cut my own throat. I coffee cuppromised the Authors of Main Street that I would be part of their boxed set Love Blooms on Main Street that will be released this spring. But I also committed to another friend that I would write a historical for a boxed set that she was trying to form with several friends.

So as soon as I finished Happy Holidays, River City  (USA link: I started on the next Wedding Vow book for the Main Street set, tentatively named To Have and To Hold. I finished it, and it’s sitting there simmering. (Every authors understand why.) I jumped immediately into the historical. But this one has a twist. All the heroines in this set are supposed to be spies. Spies? OMG!  I don’t write that! So my heroine has no idea she’s going to be a spy. All she knows is that her brother was murdered, as was her father. Right now, she’s on the run to protect her life, and she’s headed for the quiet town of Creed’s Crossing.

So I’m pounding the keyboard as fast as I can, because I gave both groups my word. It’s not like a signed contract, but I was raised to believe that if you gave your word, you stuck with it. Maybe in this day and age, honor isn’t what it used to be, but if I promise to do something, I do it.

So I’m hiding behind my computer, writing with as much speed as possible and trying not to get side-tracked. Because along with honor comes another little thing that seems to be missing these days – quality. So honor goes to my fellow writers and quality goes to my readers. I refuse to disappoint either one!

2 Responses to In My Writing Cave

  1. Carol says:

    No wonder we rarely see you! You’re one busy writer. Good luck getting the stories compiled. 🙂 Looking forward to your newest.


    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Carol. I think since Oct, I’ve barely come up for air. When these two books are done, I need to make a few changes to my writing schedule. In this strange market, which makes it seem like we need to have a new book out every month, I know it is impossible for me. The quality of my writing would deteriorate and I refuse to let that happen. I’m looking forward to a slower paced 2015 and a cleaner house! I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope that my readers understand that quality cannot be rushed.

      Back to my cave I go! 🙂


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