I Think I’m Off Santa’s Nice List

Here comes the holidays, and I’m far from ready for them. Why? I’m not sure it’s any one thing. It’s more like the accumulation of many. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone trying to get books out.  Go check my What’s New page!

Trying to get Happy Holidays, River City published was enough to kick me off of Santa’s nice list. I’m very good at cursing and I’ve done lots of that! Really. If it could go wrong, it did! I stared writing these stories for my collection this summer and, to be honest, I’m not comfortable writing something so condensed. I’m forced to give up a certain amount of character development and emotion. That alone bothers me. And if you are a reader of my River City books, you’ll understand. I love digging into my characters to that depth.  Can’t do it when writing really short stories.

Then I had committed to the A Holiday Anthology Volume 2 A Collection of Winter Holiday Tales.  I had to toss Happy Holidays, River City to one side to work on that and write A Cowboy’s Holiday. Plus I do the last minute proofing and formatting for the Exquisite Quills’ A Holiday Anthology Volume 2 A Collection of Winter Holiday Tales. Another bite into my time.

I’ve also been trying to mentor and help a young friend with her book. She managed to get it written, then sold it, had to do edits, and now is dealing with all the promo that goes with it. Um, I’m dealing with promo for my books! I volunteered to help her every step of the way and I have. She’s a delightful young woman and she’s written an awesome, very sexy book.

The truth is I bit off more than I can chew and maybe this whole experience has taught me never to attempt this crazy schedule again. I had to put Happy Holidays, River City to one side several times to do other things. Plus I must have written at least six stories that I had to abandon or that collection would have been 100K. But just when I thought I had all my ducks lined up and I was ready to publish,  I had to put it aside again. When I came back to it… I was lost. What had been… Omigod!  I had to go back though each set of edits and redo everything. I wanted to cry.

Then I looked at the one story and knew it just didn’t the strength of the others. I sent it to two author friends and their comments really helped. I tweaked the story some more and the story instantly improved. Sent it to my final editor and waited for it to be returned. In the meantime, I did the formatting.

Oh, did I forget to toss in the personal holidays? A little Christmas shopping?(Lots of gift cards.)  Decorating? (That’s not really going to happen!) Oh and the wind storm the other night must have sent the turbine off my roof, but I didn’t know it until my neighbor brought it back yesterday afternoon saying it was in his yard! If it rains tonight  and that’s not on there by then, I’m going to have a huge mess! That’s a gaping hole in my roof! I’m in serious trouble.

And well… It’s the holidays and with it comes its own little black cloud. So here I am alone. My very own little pity party? I wouldn’t say depressed. I think I’m over the worst of that. Facing the first Christmas without my husband was tough, but it’s gotten easier with each passing year. This will also be the last Christmas that I’ll have both my girls in town, as the youngest one is going to be moving away in the next few months. But the fun of the holidays is still missing.

Will it be just another day? Maybe. Probably not. I have some terrific friends and I promise they won’t let me wallow in pity alone. I already know I have two invitations for Christmas day, and Christmas Eve I will be with my girls or I should be. Last year that went haywire, as the one is an RN and had to work.  So things change and I must adapt.

A friend called me grouchy. Sorry! I’ve been under pressure.  Too much pressure and with two books facing me… I just have to get through it. And I really don’t want to talk about the dust that has accumulated through all of this.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet here. I need to clean my house, fix the roof (somehow), get through the holidays, and write two books in two months. Then I’m taking a break. Maybe I’ll head to Wyoming this spring. Oh that sounds wonderful!

Can’t say my life is boring.



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