Classes on Writing a Novel

The Portsmouth, Virginia library system is sponsoring a series of classes on writing a novel.

So many people think that writing a novel is easy. It’s not. Some will say there are rules for writing. That’s somewhat true. There are things that make a novel great and if you want to call them rules go right ahead. But these elements make a difference between road DSC09455-Bho-hum and oh-wow!

Lots of people think they have a great idea for a novel, but they have no idea where to begin. That’s where this class comes in handy. A story is like a road trip. You need to avoid the congestion and detours, cope with the flat tires and other things that are beyond control, and create a cohesive, compelling story. You want your readers engaged and enjoying every minute of their journey through your book.

Now here’s the fun part! It’s FREE! That’s right. FREE! Why? Because the library is library file8411260069817sponsoring it. They don’t charge! Colleges charge. Individuals charge. But libraries are there to serve the people, and they don’t charge! So this is a SUPER deal!

write file7391308350582You have the story in your head. This class will teach you how to put your words into a novel that people will love! Because in this day and age, anyone can put a bunch of words together, and call it a book. Creating a story that people will love takes effort!

The fun part of this is that the classes are in the afternoon, which allows those who live further way to make the trip to Portsmouth, VA.  Four consecutive Saturdays, starting September 26, will guide you through writing a novel. The facilities are fantastic! So bring your laptop or paper, and be prepared for a wonderful writing road trip to success!

Do you have the next best-selling novel in your head that’s begging for you to write it? Sign up for this series of classes. Class size is limited. So sign up today!

I’m cross posting this information to my blog. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you know in the area. This is a fabulous set of classes for the newbie or a seasoned writer, and it’s FREE!

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