Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

With the pressure of two books coming out in March, I’ve been buried in my writing cave AKA my computer room. And being I’ve barely stuck my nose out for the last few months… I want to know!

Valentine’s Day is this wonderful romantic celebration. That one night that you do something special. So I, as romance writer, am naturally interested in these very important romantic moments. In real life, I’ve seen marriage proposals, super restaurant meals with wine and roses, a new car, lots of chocolate, and pizza dinners.

So what was the most romantic Valentine’s day you’ve ever had? What happened and where did you go or not go, or… Tell me please because I  love hearing about real romance! (Keep it PG, there’s not over 18 warning on this blog! LOL)

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

  1. susanrhughes says:

    My husband said he fell in love with me our first Valentine’s Day together when he took me to a Japanese restaurant. I remember I was wearing a rather tight black dress. Those were the days!


  2. melissakeir says:

    My husband isn’t the romantic type but he does send me flowers at work each Valentine’s Day. He likes to say it’s a competition for the husbands, but I know he likes to hear about the wonderful response to his gift.


    • E. Ayers says:

      That is funny! So the guys have to out-do each other with flowers. Never thought of that as a motive.

      So the next time someone gets that really big bouquet of flowers at work, you’ll know why I’m giggling. Just friendly alpha competition with public claim to his woman!
      Hang on to him. He does sound like a real sweetie.

      Thanks for stopping, Melissa, and telling us your Valentine story.


  3. Me and my “permanent boyfriend’ love to do something different, but also the same, so this year we’re going to a hotel for the night that’s only a mile away…So we don’t spend all day working at home and then to our favorite sushi place, where I will wear my favorite black dress–not tight, but plunging necklace…


    • E. Ayers says:

      That is such a great idea! Local usually means you know exactly where to go for amenities and price! And so many hotels have wonderful amenities these days. Plus it starts the whole day with that different, maybe a little sexier mood that’s says we’re a couple.

      Sushi? Yum! (And I don’t eat fish; I do veggie/fruit sushi.)

      Thanks so much for stopping! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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