When Not to Write!

I picked up a bug and not the garden kind. I wound up at the doctors’ offices. I passed the chest X-ray, and failed the breathing test. Over and over they asked if I had asthma. No! Gasping for breath is no fun!

But I’m no wimp so I kept writing! I should have stopped and curled up on file0001122800560the sofa. To Have & To Hold went to my editor. She came back and said she could tell how sick I’ve been. Oh no! Oh yeah! Not my usual mistakes.

When the one went to the editor, the other went to a writer friend for a content read. I think she managed to get to page 25 and found a dozen things. I went back through it. Omigod! I should have climbed on the sofa and never attempted to write. What was I thinking?

To Have & To Hold is awaiting release. Why? I still don’t trust anything I’ve written.

My other manuscript is waiting for me to push send so it can go on its merry way to my editor. I’m even less trusting of the words on those virtual pages.

I really should have pretended I wasn’t facing deadlines on two books. I should have just slept through the worst of my viral infection. Maybe I’d feel better by now and my ears wouldn’t feel as though I was living under water. I’m sure I would have saved days of reworking my manuscript so that the words made sense. I cut whole paragraphs because I couldn’t figure out what I was thinking or trying to say.

I’ve written through times of great stress and loss without such problems, but the next time I grab a viral bug… I’m going to bed and staying there! There’s no point in make more work for myself!


2 Responses to When Not to Write!

  1. Sometimes you just have to be sick and rest, hope you are all better soon!


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