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River City novels are full-length and have a touch of heat. The glue that holds this series together is the city. River City is a fictional, mid-sized city in the mid-Atlantic area of the USA. Many of the characters know each other or are loosely connected. They do not need to be read in order. Join the fun and meet these young people as they work their way through today’s problems and find their true love.




WantingBusinessman Mac McGuire fell head over heels in love with Amanda Conner. His money has always gotten him what he wanted, but not this time. He’s trying to rescue her from the poverty and violence of River City’s housing projects and pull her into his glamorous world of downtown high-rises and opulence. Mac is used to risking everything and winning, but he realizes that wanting Amanda could cost him everything. Is that a price he’s willing to pay?


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When Patrick Makowllen, a conservative investment adviser takes in the gifted artist Dallas Nixon, she destroys his budget, turns his life upside down, and tarnishes his sterling reputation. In spite of the chaos, she colors his life with more love and passion then he ever dreamed possible.

Thrown out of her home on her eighteenth birthday, Dallas winds up on Patrick’s doorstep. He used to be the boy next door, but he’d grown up and moved downtown. All she needs is a safe place to stay. What he gives her is respect and a place to spread her wings.

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Tate Zaro is feisty and ambitious; and she is has a problem. She quit her job, then fell in love with the handsome Ari Bia, but children and marriage are not in her plans. The job she takes comes with a bare subsistent income that holds promise of great rewards in the future, but she doesn’t like her new boss. Then toss in an unexpected pregnancy and a problem at work that could cause her to lose that job. Can it get any worse? Will she ever find her happily ever after?

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When Letitzia Sorrentino’s father dies, she’s left with her dad’s construction company, but she really wants to be a developer. Family infighting gives her the chance to break out on her own, except she needs more money, and Jeffery Lister has exactly what she wants.
Jeffery Lister is an obstetrician with an understaffed, time-consuming practice. He doesn’t look at women like other men, until he sees Letitzia.

Letitzia wants a no strings attached relationship. She has her own agenda, and is busy building a new development company. She needs Jeffery Lister’s money, but she doesn’t want his heart, and she refuses to open her own. A hardhat world of steel beams and dirt has given her a tough, foul-mouthed exterior, but under all of it, she’s very much a passionate woman, and it shows in everything she does. To her life is a game, and winning is everything. If you don’t play, you automatically lose.

Jeffery Lister is a doctor and it’s his passion. He’d love to have a wife and children, but he doesn’t have time for them, and he knows it. Letitzia awakens something inside of him and he sees through Letitzia’s hard façade. But getting her to admit that the sparks that fly between them is more than physical is going to a lot of patience.

Can two very strong, independent people with busy schedules ever admit to loving each other, especially when one has had her heart broken and is determined never to allow that to happen again?

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A SonTalk about a mess! It’s not Gerald’s baby, it’s Joey’s. Katie is a chubby redhead. Her parents are divorced, and she’s been pulled between her parents in custody battles for years. Her mother is a Democrat, and her father and stepmother are Republicans. They are not going to be happy with Katie, but she’s done being pulled. She’s trying to stand on her own two feet, and she’s going to do what’s right for her son. Joey is brilliant, handsome, and his mom was 1/2 black. He’s kicked Katie out and denies paternity. Gerald Olsen looks like a Nordic god, all blond and blue-eyed. He’s also heir to the Riverton Chemical & Petroleum Company. But Gerald falls in love with Katie, and he’s not choosing between body parts. He wants her and the son she’s carrying.

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ACHWhen Trent Callahan brings his dinosaur-loving son to the River City Museum, Cassie Jones, curator of the museum, falls head-over-heels in love with the boy and his father. But Cassie’s love drags Trent deep into her tangled web of city politics, drives a wedge between him and his mom, and shows him that history is far from boring and dreams are worth chasing.

Widowed at nineteen, Trent has been a model father to his son, thanks to the help of his mom, but his mother doesn’t like the idea of her son falling for Cassie. Determined to break them up, his mom is going to do anything she can to protect her son, grandson, and herself from interference by another woman.

Does Trent dare to find personal happiness and dream once again? Or is life going to hold him to the grindstone he set in motion as a teen? Except this time, he has a son’s heart to consider.

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Brad Shoemaker was blindsided when he discovered that love could be silent, and Kathryn “Ryn” Demary is mute. But when Mayor Bruno Giovanni is forced into early retirement, he chooses Brad to run in his place. Ryn is determined to campaign at Brad’s side, but instead of being an asset, she just might be his biggest liability. Ryn finds herself campaigning not just for Brad to become mayor but also for his love. Politics can get dirty and Ryn’s caught in the middle.


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