Projects, Muse, and Peanuts

I just added another project to my list of things to do. Marie Higgins who writes adorably sweet stories, is going to be doing a boxed set this spring and wanted to know if I wanted to join. I never did learn to say no, so I said, “YES!

I have a ton of sweet readers who would love another story from me. So here I go! It’s themed so I have to think up a good story line. Oh my! My brain is already playing with ideas.

I never can seem to turn my muse off. It just spins all the time. Sometimes it spins things that are worth listening to but sometimes it just spins junk. It’s been spinning a lot of junk lately.

I’m also involved with a local fund raiser for a friend. That is a huge project that I must complete today. That also means I don’t have time to listen to anything that my muse is spinning until that project is completed. So why am I typing this? Don’t ask.


I’m very good at procrastinating.  Actually I’m compiling a bunch of my books and books by friends who have donated to the cause and dropping the books onto a flash/thumb drive so that they can be raffled off in one big set. It should be loads of fun.

Back I will go to working on the fundraiser. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather. My back door is open and letting in plenty of fresh air. I love spring and fall. I love to keep my windows and doors open! But I also love not having to spend money on heat and cooling bills.

I also missed the the big peanut parade in town this morning. Can’t believe I forgot about it, but I did! I could hear it and by then it was too late.  Just a silly local thing but it’s always fun.








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