The Poetry of Linda Swift

Linda Swift is a dear friend and probably better known for her fiction, especially her Civil War novel, This LS TTFTime Forever,, which has been made into a movie.

LS poems


But Linda also writes poetry, and has a book out titled, Potpourri of Poems  I thought I’d post one of her poems here. (With her permission of course!)

Linda and I write fiction but she swears that poetry is the window to the soul of the poet. Maybe she’s right.

For in our poetry we express ourselves – unguarded and without the mask of fiction. It is our deepest thoughts, frustrations, and joys, As writers, we play with words, but as poets we allow that private side of us to have a voice.

I hope you enjoy this poem. It spoke to my soul and left me in tears for I identified with Naomi Stuart.


(For Naomi Stuart)

She tended him with quiet dignity,

Became his buffer when the crowd pressed through

And would have drained his waning energy

As he was always wont to let them do.

She stood in his great shadow till he fell

Then like a sentry guarded where he lay

And though she succored him and willed him well

She could not keep relentless sleep at bay.

And so he slept and spoke no more, but she

Still nurtured him as she had tended flowers.

Who knows with what distress and agony

She kept her vigil through those long last hours?

And now the final sleep has claimed his life;

What then for her, the faithful tender, wife?

DSC_8614Note: Naomi was the wife of Jesse Stuart

Jesse Hilton Stuart (August 8, 1906 – February 17, 1984) was an American writer who is known for writing short stories, poetry, and novels about Southern Appalachia. Born and raised in Greenup County, Kentucky, Stuart relied heavily on the rural locale of northeastern Kentucky for his writings.Stuart was named the poet laureate of Kentucky in 1954.

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I’ve reblogged this from Among the Waters, which is the blog of my local writer’s group. Linda Swift is not local but she is a wonderful friend of mine.

5 Responses to The Poetry of Linda Swift

  1. E. Ayers says:

    Seems WordPress is giving Linda fits so she asked that I post for her.


    • E. Ayers says:

      Thank you for introducing me on your blog, Elizabeth, and for sharing my work with your readers. I am honored that you have printed one of my poems here. Tender has been the most mentioned of all my poems in the book since its release. I hope your readers will enjoy it. Linda


      • E. Ayers says:

        I was thrilled to have you on my blog. I don’t do a lot of guest hosting. There are plenty of authors who do that. I try to reserve my blog as a way of interacting with my readers. Occasionally I will show off a friend’s cover or announce their book. But I do like sharing things that catch my eye.

        Sometimes it’s music, and sometimes it poetry or some other artsy thing. Maybe because art plays such a major role in my life that I can’t help but share my love for it with others.


  2. Poets are special people. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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