Story Starts

Ever get stuck? Apparently it happens all the time to some people. They pull up a blank word document and stare at it, waiting for words to appear.  If that ever happens towhirlpool me, I’ll probably go into panic mode. Story starts rumble through my brain constantly. I will be driving down the road and six of them will form. And since I have a this crazy mind that that tosses this stuff out like lottery tickets, I figured I’d share them. I’m going to insert [***] for names. You get to pick those. Maybe you’ll find one that’s a winner.

[***] stared at the pen in his hand. The imprinted name on it meant nothing.  How did it get here?

[***] walked out of the room leaving the sweet scent of [***] in his/her wake. [***] loved/hated the delicious/cloying smell/bouquet.

At least the tether locking the tiny computer to his/her wrist would keep [***] from losing it.  This was the third computer he/she’d bought this month and it was an unnecessary expense.

Raindrops hit the glass window and slid down the pane, gathering others with it, yet leaving trails of water in their wake. There was nothing to see beyond the glass and only the sound of [***].

The newspaper/article/Internet revealed nothing he/she didn’t already know.

From this vantage point, the ocean appeared to be a calm endless blue slab, yet the secrets it held were beyond the imagination and more turbulent than life itself.

Darkness broken only with specks of twinkling light, a slight hum, and the scent of [***].

[***]  hadn’t seen [***] in years, but there was no mistaking that face. Why was [***] here? Of all times, why return now?

Cold wrapped [***] in a numbing blanket. The desire to stay awake ceased. He/she only needed to close his/her eyes.

[***] jolted awake. With heart pounding, he/she sat up. Something was very

Hey, if you use it and it turns out to be an international best-seller, you can send me a note of thinks along with a Starbucks gift card for a cup of coffee.  🙂

If you want more of these let me know.  My brain is filled with this stuff and it’s useless to me. I have way too many bits and pieces that I’ll never use.


6 Responses to Story Starts

  1. Missy Lou says:

    I have bits and pieces like this in my poem starter/title collection. I once had the title Porch Swings and Grape Kool Aid in my head for 2 yrs. before it became a poem!!–sometimes I get a chance to jot things down but more often than not they go winging off in the lost vastness of cyberspace! I wonder if the brains of poets and writers look like other peoples when dissected?????


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