Happy Mother’s Day, except I need more hours per day!

I’m so bad about blogging and keeping up my website. The truth is there’s not enough hours in a day! I’m constantly writing and at the moment, I’m trying to finish the novel Loving Zadie.

I’m having fun writing it! For starters I’ve opened the book in Franklin, Virginia. That’s a real town just down the road from me. It made national news about 20 years ago when what was left of Hurricane Floyd flooded the small town. Not just a few feet of water, I think the Blackwater River crested at 20 some feet above normal.  Many businesses were completely submerged.

But it’s an old town and it’s seen plenty of disasters. During the Civil War, the residents decided to leave and burn the town behind them. But Franklin is a town that has survived. So plopping my heroine and her family into that town added a bit of fun for me. (And plenty of leg-work to grab some historical details.) I chased today’s Norfolk-Southern railroad lines on Google until I was cross-eyed. I finally gave up and just sent my heroine to Norfolk!

My hero is from the tiny little port town of Edenton, North Carolina. No I do not work for the Department of Tourism, but that is one adorable town that people should visit.  This whole area near and in the SE corner of Virginia is filled with precious little towns. If I listed all the towns… It’s too long of a list. But if you go to Franklin, go to Fred’s for a meal!

Long story short, I sent my hero to Wyoming, and once he was settled in, he decided the time had come for him to have a bride. So he did what any decent young man at the time would have done, he asked his father to find him a good woman.

The hero and the heroine’s fathers are good friends. So guess who was chosen to become Duncan’s bride? And guess who decided to rebel? Oh did she ever!

If you read my historical westerns, you know that the stories are not light, fluffy things, but these two go at it! She’s got one heck of a sense of humor and she’s not afraid to toss things in Duncan’s face. But he’s quick and doesn’t allow her to get the best of him.

Here’s a little unedited piece that I think you might enjoy. Duncan has been trying very hard to teach her to use a gun.

“No shooting lessons tonight?”

“You are horrible with a gun. I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to hit the side of a barn.”

“A barn is much bigger than a little can, and I can’t imagine a vicious chipmunk attacking me.” She gave his hand a squeeze as they stepped off the porch. “You really aren’t being fair to me, because you’ve never allowed me to point the gun at the barn. I’m willing to bet I could hit it if I tried very hard.”

“Don’t even think about it. You are not going to put holes in my barn’s roof.”

Now here’s the weird thing. I started writing this story and chose Zadie Larkford Lorde as the name for my heroine. Come to find out, Zadie Lord was the maternal grandmother of a friend. Huh? What are the odds. My friend was afraid that I might somehow upset someone in her family. Uh-oh! I almost changed the name because of that, but after a quick search Zadie Lord and Zadie Lorde is a more common than I realized! So Zadie Larkford and Duncan Lorde have remained as I first wrote them.

Loving Matilda is available on Amazon as an ebook.  Loving Zadie is coming, and I already know that Loving Hannah will follow eventually.  I don’t know much about Hannah or what that story will be, but the women who went west, and survived, had to be tough.

I’m eating my words when I said I’d never write historical  novels. I’m enjoying them. Women are strong. We’re often stronger than we are given credit for being. I think in many ways, we are stronger than men. Okay they have that testosterone that allows them to lift things that we wouldn’t even try, but we have that ace in the hole! We’d figure out how to move that heavy thing without killing ourselves! Yes, women are smart!  🙂

And this Sunday we celebrate mothers. Some mothers have two-legged children and some have four-legged ones. And some women know that motherhood is not for them. So here’s to all the women of the world!

Happy Mother’s Day!



One Response to Happy Mother’s Day, except I need more hours per day!

  1. Peggy Mott aka Missy Lou says:

    I once offered a substantial reward to anyone who could invent a day stretcher but so far no one has attempted to claim the monies! Of course, now that I am retired, I don’t need more time quite as much as I did when I was a working wife and mother as well as being a commuting full time student!

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