Writing Really Short Stories

I’m writing short stories. I wrote both stories for the Exquisite Quills’ Halloween and Holiday  Anthologies and I’ve just kept going with these little winter holiday themed shorties.  I’m not even certain what you call these tiny shorties. They are smaller than a novelette. So I’m calling them quickies.

Are they fun to write? Yes! But there is little room for character development and all those things that make for really great stories. I think the trick is to create a complete episode. Just like a long story it must have a beginning, middle, and an end. I give all mine a happy ending. Can’t say for certain that each has a HEA (happy ever after) but each has the hope of a HEA.

Seriously, how much can you pack into 2000 word quickies? Not much. I figure it’s just a glimpse into the love life of two people. Just something to make the reader feel good.

I love a good story. The kind that you lose yourself in for hours. But like many readers, I don’t have the time to devote to it. (I’m a fast reader!) So when I do have some free time, usually imposed on me for some odd reason, I look for something that I can read during that time frame. Then we all have those little moments where we’re stuck someplace or on a break at work so the idea of reading a quickie that doesn’t require a lot of attention or serious involvement on the part of the reader is ideal.  But the HEA of a romance does have a way of lifting our spirits.

Life is chaotic! I’m crossing my fingers that a dozen little quickies will be accepted and enjoyed. I’m certain that I’m not alone in wanting something I can read in a few spare minutes. candyCaneTree



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