It’s HOT Inside and Out

The first real blast of heat hit here today and triggered off the summer’s hazy, hot, and humid. UGH! So why not add some more heat with hot reading? No,  not mine. I don’t write hot. But I have plenty of friends who do.

Besides, I’m totally tired of trying to find a new way of saying buy my book. So here’s two other books to consider if you like a little heat with your hot weather!


Jane is a very dear friend and she can write a sizzling but tender romance. I think I’m going to have to read this one. What is it about younger men, anyway? Maybe I need to find out.

Jane's Book

A Promise at Dawn by Jane Leopold Quinn

Faye Burke, recently widowed, retreated to the coast of Maine to grieve and reassess her future. Her favorite part of the day is watching the sun rise out of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also when the man she considers her guilty pleasure runs along the beach.

Gil Farrelly, a successful painter, is trying to get his career back on track after the studio fire that destroyed everything. He starts his creative juices flowing every day by running on the beach. The lovely woman who watches him also gets his juices flowing and he’s determined to reinvent his career by painting her.

Faye’s combination of maturity and sensual vulnerability intrigue Gil and he wants to immortalize her on his canvas. She’s flattered, aroused and ultimately frightened of the emotions he incites. He claims not to care he’s younger by twelve years but she believes sooner or later he’ll come to his senses and seek out women his own age. Can Faye conquer her fears? Can Gil prove to her it’s not age separating them but her fear?


Lisabet is also a friend who writes stories that are apt to cause spontaneous combustion to the device or the reader holding it.  This one is for those who love shape shifters, especially very sweet, black tomcats.

lisabet's book

The Eyes of Bast by Lisabet Sarai

Trust your heart. Follow your dreams.

 Shaina Williams’ grandmother bequeathed her that wisdom, along with a old pendant from the Islands, carved from an ocelot’s tooth. When instinct tells Shaina to visit the feral cat trap she’d set in Central Park, she listens to that inner voice, She discovers she’s caged a magnificent black tom, but the cat inexplicably vanishes after she tends to his wounds. Seeking the errant feline, Shaina encounters instead a handsome stranger whose slightest touch sets her body on fire. As the day dawns after a night of ferocious passion, her mysterious lover is forced back into his true shape – the tomcat she’d rescued.  

Born a cat, Tom was transformed into an unwilling shape shifter by a sorceress who craved a human plaything to satisfy her perverse lusts. Centuries old and irresistibly powerful, Delphine Montserrat will stop at nothing to find her runaway familiar. Shaina vows to do whatever is necessary to defeat the vicious but seductive witch and save the man she believes is her soul mate – even though it might mean losing him forever.


What are you reading this summer?

And a friendly reminder…If you love a book, leave a review! Just a sentence or two. Book reports are not needed. Just that you loved it, maybe you’ve read the author before or if  he or she is new to you. It doesn’t have to be long.  And please don’t spoil the ending!


10 Responses to It’s HOT Inside and Out

  1. Hello! Thanks so much for featuring The Eyes of Bast! (And hi to Jane, too!)


    • E. Ayers says:

      Bast or Bastet is an interesting character from Egyptian history. I can just imagine how you’ve applied it to this story.


      • It’s really just a reference, not expanded. Some day I want to write a paranormal centered around the mythology of ancient Egypt, though. As a cat-love, Bast has always been a favorite deity of mine.(I do have a book that revolves around Mayan mythology, though. The hero is an incarnation of Quetzlcoatl!)


        • fionamcgier says:

          When I wrote the second of my Mayan Alien Vampires books, I used a picture of Quetzlcoatl as my inspiration for the aliens. Since I was using their blood-lust as “proof” that their rulers were vampires, it seemed appropriate that one of their depictions of gods would resemble the aliens I had them visited by back then.


  2. Hi Lisabet! And, yes, thanks to E for featuring these two hot books. I hope your blog doesn’t end up singed around the edges. 😉


    • E. Ayers says:

      I actually gave a little thought to changing the yellow gold color on the edges of the blog, just for the fun of it, to something charcoal gray.
      And putting the two of you together! The place is smoking!


  3. fionamcgier says:

    Already bought The Eyes Of Bast…it’s first on my TBR pile on my kindle. Now I just have to get some time to read…


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