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Are you tired of me telling you about my books?  Okay, this one and I’ve got one more the end of this month.  I’ve also got a great post for later this week!  And it’s not about my books!

Yes. With This Ring is published on Amazon! I have the URL and you can click on the cover or the title in this blog. This is actually the first story in my Wedding Vow series. It’s a novel.

I Thee WedI Thee Wed is the second. It’s a novella. And I promise there will be more novellas coming!

I Thee Wed is available in Weddings on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street. Yes. It will be available as a separate book, but buy the Authors of Main Streetboxed set!  It’ll be on sale for 99 cents any time now. Eleven books -that’s a great bargain for 99 cents. And they range from sweet to sexy – but not too hot.


With This Ring


DeeDee Drayden doesn’t believe in a happily ever after, even though her With This Ringpassion is designing wedding gowns. Cody Montgomery, heir to a fortune, is hiding in a small town raising seven children after two failed marriages. With his hands full, he’s sworn off women. But when Cody ends up being a silent partner and CFO of DeeDee’s fledgling bridal business, his eyes are on more than the bottom line. Do they dare mix business with pleasure to find their own happily ever after?

I really liked DeeDee. I know, I created her, but I believe that she represents a lot of women. She’s not fat and she’s not skinny – she’s got curves. She’s intelligent and working for someone else meant she never really got credit for what she was doing. She had to strike out on her own. But like many women, she had talent – just not enough to do everything herself. She needed help.

I also don’t think of her as being pretty – she’s average. But she does her best to look her best. Therefore she probably is accepted as being prettier than what she really is. We all know those women. They seem to look great all the time. That’s DeeDee.

Cody? What’s not to like about him? He looks great all the time – with or without clothes! But even DeeDee realizes that he’s also average in looks, but he has dark hair, shot with a little premature silver, and striking blue eyes. Add topnotch clothing, a Stetson, and a pair of custom cowboy books – oh, yeah! But Cody’s not an empty-headed character. He has brains, the business kind, and money. That’s exactly what DeeDee needs.

He’s also got seven children from previous marriages. But he’s learned his lessons and he’s trying very hard to be a good father because the kids don’t have anyone but him. Oh, and don’t expect those children to be perfect angels. Blended families always have problems and this one is no different!


Here’s a excerpt to give you an idea of DeeDee and Cody’s business relationship:


“You like running my company for me?” [DeeDee said.]

“No, but you don’t like getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty stuff. You are at your best when you are designing. Chrisy’s your handler, and I’m your businessperson. You dream, and we’ll make it happen.”

“Sometimes, I really hate you.”

He laughed. “No you don’t. You love me as much as I love you. You’re just stubborn and afraid to give up control for fear of losing something. You think as long as you are in control that nothing will happen.” He stood and put both hands on her desk. “And you’re right. Nothing will happen because you’re afraid to spend money. You are scared of taking risks. You’ve built a little comfort zone and you intend to stay there. So you stay in your zone and we’ll handle the rest.”

She wanted to put her hands around his neck and strangle him instead, they balled in her lap.

He stood there looking down and grinning at her. “Now sign the papers so we can have lunch. The taxes are already electronically filed. This is just a hard copy with our signatures. I’ll take you to the hotel and from there to the bank where you are welcome to ask any questions about the loan.”

“What if I refuse to sign?”

“I’ll still take you to lunch.”

“When hell freezes over!”



I hope you enjoy this tale of two thirty-somethings, dreams of a successful bridal business, and a passel of children. I had fun writing it because nothing ever goes as planned for any of the characters. So grab your copy and find a place to chill out while visiting Main Street.  I hope you get a few giggles out of it. And I promise I won’t get jealous if you fall in love with Cody.  (Isn’t that why we read romances – I mean to fall in love one more time with some wonderful guy?)


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