I’m just a wee bit behind. But really, I have a great excuse! I do, I do!

We have brand new kittens!

Well, they aren’t ours. Our neighbor went home for a few weeks to visit with his family, and he asked us to feed the stray cat, living under his house that he had befriended. Oh, she was as wide as she was long! Just a tiny thing, and so stuffed with kittens, I’m not sure how she managed to be as quick as she was but, after a few days of my housemate spoiling her, she followed him home. Then he announces to me that she’s on our porch. Fine, let her in.

She found the perfect place to have her babies. The prenatal care was excellent. Two different types of soft food, crunchy food, fresh water, that new fangled thing called a litter box that the human cleans immediately, a soft sleeping place on something they call a towel, climate controlled living space. (It’s pouring rain outside as I type this!)

I’ve been through a few mother cats giving birth in my adult life. Somehow they find their way to my doorsteps when in need of a safe place to stay and have kittens. I’ve never really had to intervene.  Over the years, I had one baby born where the sac still was over the kitten’s face and I had to remove it. I didn’t use gloves and the mother cat didn’t seem to mind.  I’ve seen more problems with dogs giving birth then with cats.

I guess I’m pretty kicked back about the whole process. So the idea of her giving birth was just a matter of making sure she was comfortable in her “new” surroundings, and that  my old cat and my tiny dog didn’t bother her.  Since dawn in nature’s way of telling me it’s time to go to bed, I climbed in as the sun began to rise. Two hours later my housemate awakens me in a total panic.  He’s sure the cat is about to have kittens. Maybe she needs to go to the vets? She’s crying.

Why? Okay, yeah. They’re like people, they take awhile. Now I’m awake and feeling horrible. Finally she has a kitten. Again another frantic call and I climb the stairs. He’s certain something is very wrong.

I’m too tired and feeling too lousy to even laugh, but he’s wearing gloves in case she needs help. On his computer monitor is this whole thing on giving birth to kittens. He’s got paper and pen ready to put down the exact time of each birth as suggested by the article. He’s sure the kitten has not survived. According to the article…

No! Watch. Do you hear that? Biggest newborn kitten I’ve ever seen! And with a healthy set of lung to boot! What about the umbilical? It needs to be cut. Mommy’s chewing on it. She’s fine – she’s doing everything a new mommy should be doing.

By this time, I’m a total goner.  I’m so sleepy that my eyes are crossing and my head is pounding with my pulse. Mommy kitty is 300 times better off having her babies here than under the neighbor’s house.  Well, according to the article she should have one every half hour. That doesn’t mean every 30 minutes like clockwork! I come back downstairs, find my bed and sleep.

A few hours later, my housemate awakens me. She had three kittens, two black ones and a gray one. Mommy is doing just fine and so are the kittens.  She doesn’t want any parts of a box and seems to prefer the wide-open floor with the colorful beach towel.

My housemate has recovered from the ordeal and he couldn’t be prouder of his darling, young mommy. We celebrated with a little dinner and he’s back upstairs with mom and the children. I suggested offering her a little soft food, just a teaspoon. It’s very exhausting have children, especially three. She ate the teaspoonful and begged for more. She’s not stupid. Of course she got more!

Now I need to look up the information to have her spayed and I guess the kittens need to be tested for everything and will have to have whatever shots they need.

I will never understand why people turn animals loose. The feral cat population where I live is horrible. The city attempts to trap and they work hard with the humane society to get them neutered, spayed, and into a loving home. But the humane society is overwhelmed. They need money and foster families for these animals.

I might actually have homes for these three kittens. They are luckier than their mother. Her siblings are out there, hiding someplace while the rain pours down, and wondering where they will find their next meal.

Mommy cat and kittens

I’ll keep everyone updated on the kittens and on my newest books to be released. Weddings on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street which contains my novella, I Thee Wed, and right behind that release will be  With This Ring.  Then later in June, I’ll be releasing Campaign, my newest River City book.


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