Under Deadline But I’m Not Doing Anything!

I’m probably more than a little insane. I sent my novella off to my editor. While it’s there, I’ve worked on the cover for the Authors of Main Street’s boxed set Weddings on Main Street. And I cut the grass. UGH! I have to have the novella edited and formatted and out of here before the end of this month.

My editor emailed me. She’ll have that novella, I Thee Wed, back to me sometime on today. Then I have to go through it and fix all my stupid mistakes. I’ll read it one more time and start formatting.

I have to have a second story, With This Ring, edited, and sent back to my editor, then re-do any edits, format it, and it will out of here the first week in June. And I don’t even want to think about my long River City novel, but as soon as these two wedding books go out, I’ve got the River City to put out.  And people think I do nothing but play games on my computer, or chat with friends, or who knows what they think I’m doing. I’m working!

I’m tired of people thinking I don’t do anything. I’m tired of people not realizing I’m under deadlines. That novella goes into the boxed set. It’s not a self-imposed deadline, there are 10 other people waiting on me. We’ve got promo stuff scheduled, it has to go! I can’t chat on the phone for an hour, I can’t talk for twenty minutes just because I’m outside in the yard. Unfortunately,  I can’t tell the dog to cross her legs and wait for another hour. I don’t have a nine to five job! I have a 16 hr a day job! I’ve never worked this hard in my life, but I’m not doing anything.


Joan ReevesHere’s Joan’s cover for her book which is part of the boxed set. Joan’s been publishing books for a long time and is a well-known, well-respected author in the romance genre. It’s exciting to have her as part of the Authors of Main Street. She writes a sweet romance with a dash of spice.


2 Responses to Under Deadline But I’m Not Doing Anything!

  1. Missy Lou says:

    my colleague and I put together a workbook to be used in sociology, social work and psychology courses. The completed manuscript was sent to the publisher 2 months before the deadline. Eleven months later we got a galley proof to be edited and corrected and returned in 10 days–yes that’s correct TEN DAYS!–the galley proof bore little resemblance to the camera ready manuscript we delivered as per our contract! Luckily, the local publisher’s rep was as upset as we were and managed to get us a 3 week extension on that turn around time! And this was a large textbook publisher with a highly regarded reputation! All I can say is, I hope they didn’t publish, English, Math or Science textbooks with as many mistakes as we found in our workbook!!


    • E. Ayers says:

      Oh, I think textbooks are the worst when it comes to mistakes!

      I can’t imagine sending in camera ready manuscripts. That alone must have been miserable!


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