Canoeing in North Carolina

It’s was a lovely, almost cloudless sky with a bright sun and temps around 65F or just slightly under 20C (I never directly convert the numbers.) My housemate decided we needed to do something and that I needed to get away from the computer and get some exercise. True, my lifestyle of living in front of a computer is a little crazy so I agreed.

MEMII live a little ways from the Blue Ridge Mountains (Appalachians) and closer to the the Atlantic Ocean. Since this was a last minute decision, we wouldn’t have time to play in the mountains after a two-three hour ride to get there and the ocean just didn’t exactly appeal. So my housemate suggested Colonial Williamsburg, but that would be a prettier ride for maybe the end of May. I told him I’d think about it and come up with something.

MeMiMEMI (Merchant’s Mill Pond) is only a short distance away in North Carolina. I tend to be a little more active, and I love canoeing.  So I suggested we do that.  With hesitancy in his voice, he agreed.  When asked if he know anything about canoeing, he immediately answered with the affirmative. I later discovered that meant he was a camp councilor in his late teens and the camp had canoes. I’m going to assume this was probably the second time in his life he was in a canoe. Three guesses who did all the paddling? Oh my! And I’m in the front paddling against the breeze and the current in this BIG fiberglass canoe. Okay, I got my workout!

MeMiIf he had told me he didn’t know how to canoe, I would have put him in the front. I should have known when I put the canoe in the water and thought it I should have put it in nose first… When will I learn to listen?

MemiBut MEMI is such a beautiful place. It’s filled with cypress trees that grow in the water with knotty roots that surface above the water in hard lumps and the base of the trees grow very wide giving them an odd look.  Spanish moss hangs from the trees. It’s so beautiful, and reminds me of places much further south. It’s as if it has it’s very own ecosystem. In fact, someone dumped a few alligators in there and now instead of two there’s a whole bunch! And they aren’t little anymore!
No. They should not be living this far north! I do not understand why they didn’t kill or capture them years ago. Anyway, they are there, and in spite of canoeing there hundreds of times, I’ve never seen one.

MEMIOver the years, I’ve seen tons of wildlife, but today there were only a few birds, a couple of turtles sunning themselves on a few logs, and a handful of frogs. There were a few water lilies blooming here and there, and another plant with tiny, bell-like flowers. My housemate wasn’t exactly comfortable in what must have felt like a wobbly boat to him, so we didn’t venture very far.  And the spot where we entered the pond was different from where we used to enter, everything looked different to me. In years past, my hubby and I would canoe the whole area, but since we had to be off the lake by 7 p.m. and we didn’t get there until 4 p.m., we decided not to go too far. To be honest, I’m a chicken and didn’t feel like getting lost on the lake. Plus the housemate wasn’t paddling!

MEMII had to teach my hubby to paddle when we first went. Hubby caught on in three seconds flat and was quite good. I’ve been paddling canoes since I was about eight years old. We even discussed buying our own canoe, but the rental is so cheap. Also by renting, we didn’t have to worry about getting the canoe there or storing it! And the money helps to support the park.

MEMISo the next time we go canoeing, the housemate is going to sit in the front, and I’ll sit in the back. Because if I’ve got to do all the work, I’ll make it easier on myself. Yes, there will be a next time. I love it.

I’m thrilled my housemate took some photos to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy them. Isn’t it beautiful? So serene. What a wonderful, tranquil place to relax.


10 Responses to Canoeing in North Carolina

  1. woolfcindy says:

    It’s beautiful and I’m very glad you got to go. Where are the pictures of you? Maybe one with you and housemate and canoe?


  2. Jane Leopold Quinn says:

    What gorgeous scenery. Glad you had a wonderful day.


  3. What a nice mental holiday. You should work that scenery into a story. 🙂


  4. J.D. Faver says:

    Yes, I’ll echo Cindy’s comment. I would love to see you taking charge of this canoe. Go, E!!! Love the cypress. Garner State Park here in Texas has huge cypress and the same kind of vibe. Don’t feed the alligators!


  5. Susan says:

    Looks beautiful!


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