Writer’s Block? Are you kidding?

They give workshops on it, blog about it, and discuss it on the various loops all the time. I say I have writer’s block all the time, I’m forever blocking my characters and forcing them to shut up! I can’t write but so much so fast. Therefore I must block the words in my head to concentrate on one thing…or two…or…well, life occasionally gets in the way.

Right now, I have two very active manuscripts on which I’ve been working. I don’t normally do that. I try to stay focused on one. But I was supposed to be writing for an anthology. That’s when I realized I was going to go way over the word count. So I tossed the first one to one side and wrote the second one, except I’m waiting on something before I can finish it. So I went back and finished the first one. Fortunately they are tied together, and both will be released at the same time, the beginning of June.

They’ve been loads of fun to write because they happen to be lighter stories. The first one, With This Ring is about Charles Dakota “Cody” Montgomery, and his love, Deanne “DeeDee” Drayden. Julia is Cody’s step-daughter and she works for DeeDee, so story two is I Thee Wed, and it’s her story of falling for a young man getting his doctorate degree. So keeping the story line straight was no problem, but I was torn between two very different men as I wrote them.

Talk about blocking! Do you have any idea how hard it was to block one man as I wrote about another? My writer’s block was put to the test. While doing this, I have three other stories playing in my head. (Oh, pah-leeze be quiet up there!)

Yes, the voices talk to me. It’s okay, I can handle them. So if something happens in real life to block them out for a day or two, well, I embrace it. Once I had made the serious decision to write, the floodgates opened, and like spilled milk, there’s no way to put it back.

Which reminds me… I was at a friend’s house with my granddaughter who was not quite three years old. My friend was making tea for us in her automatic drip  pot. Whoever designed the thing…the container just sits against the side of the unit that heats and brews the tea.

So my friend and I are chatting, and my granddaughter is being very good and staying occupied with something at the kitchen table. The child interrupts us to inform us that the tea is dripping. My friend tells her in so many words that is how it makes tea. crayons

I saw my granddaughter make a face as if we’d lost our minds and shrug before going back to what she was doing. A split second later, I saw what she saw. The container was not tight to the side of the machine and the brewed tea was running across the counter, down the cabinet, and dripping onto the floor. Yes, the tea was dripping!

Aren’t children wonderful? And as mothers, we learn to multitask. It’s very helpful when you’re an author.


6 Responses to Writer’s Block? Are you kidding?

  1. Nice post. Some of my best ideas for my next work come, unbidden, while I’m trying to solve the problems of the current work. I understand about the voices in your needing to be blocked.


  2. woolfcindy says:

    I used to be able to work on two manuscripts at the same time, but now I’m lucky if I get one that will not give me fits, right in the middle. The one I’m working on right now, seems to be going oaky though. Maybe because I made a list of scenes. For a pantser like me, that’s as close as I get to plotting the book.


    • E. Ayers says:

      My mentor was what I’d call a planner rather than a plotter, but she said plotter. She’d plot using those little stickie notes, that way it was easy to change gears or add/delete something.

      I can’t actually write two at the same time. I have no idea how people do that!

      Thanks for stopping, Cindy!


  3. I don’t block my characters i just make an appointment with them for later by writing down my impressions of them in a book. It works for now.


    • E. Ayers says:

      That’s funny!

      My characters just rattle around up there! Once they are fully formed, they stick like glue and become very annoying.


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