Wedding Favors?

Do you remember any?

As a child, I remember the slice of cake from a wedding at the Astoria. It came in a paper flat paper bag that was the perfect size for the slice. I wanted to keep the bag because it was so pretty. Naturally my mom wouldn’t let me.

I’m smack in the middle of writing this outrageously expensive wedding and I think I need party favors, but what?

I want some special keepsake, a really memorable gift for all those who attend.  The wedding is actually small, mostly family, tight friends, and close business associates.   Any great ideas? If I use yours suggestion, I’ll send you a copy of any book of mine that you chose. How’s that for fair?

So drop me your idea of a party favor. A new Ford truck is a bit much. Let’s keep it to something they can hold in their hands.






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