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I have another River City book that will be releasing some time in May. I’ve got my cover, but a few friends have mentioned that they want more to the title. That’s actually an easy fix. So tell me what you think, Should it be Campaign or Campaign for Love ? My New Cover

He’s campaigning for mayor and for her love, and she’s campaigning for his acceptance and for him to become mayor.

I loved writing the story and I’m very excited that it’s almost ready for release. Which is actually pretty typical at this stage. The book is still with my editor. As soon as it comes back, I tend to fall into some sort of pit when I look at all my mistakes. I swear I know the difference between there and their, so why did I screw it up in my manuscript? And why didn’t I spot it when I went through it looking for all those stupid mistakes – why didn’t my beta readers? I keep telling myself it’s why I hire an editor!

It’s important to me that I put out a clean manuscript. There is no such thing as a perfect one. And lately, I swear the big publishing houses have quit editing. Most of their editors are now freelancing. They expect books to come to them already edited. The last few books I’ve read that have been published by one of the big 5, have been so lacking in edits that it’s sickening. Indie authors are actually producing better quality books.

Did you know there’s a formula for the number of mistakes per word count that is considered acceptable? Really, there is. I want perfect! So far it’s never happened. But I strive for it.

I’m a reader, too! I love to read. I devour books every chance I have. But when I read, I look at books differently these days. Yes, I have my favorite authors. And I have my favorite author friends.

My Kindle is overflowing. I need to learn to organize it. I know everyone probably thinks I only read romance stories. Not true. My favorite tends to be cozies. Hamish MacBeth and Miss Marple-type, think Murder She Wrote. I don’t like gore. And I don’t like plot twists that come out of nowhere with no clues. I’ll scoop up a Joanne Fluke book in a heartbeat!

I’ve read books that left me almost haunted (Other People’s Rules) with their endings, and others that I’ve wanted to toss across the room in frustration. I won’t read a bad book. My reading time is too precious to waste it. Actually most romance books leave me cold. That whole boy meets girl – predicable nonsense is not my cup of tea. I’m also not a suspense reader. I read to calm down! I want to relax and enjoy a good story. Or I want to read and laugh.

If I’m reading a romance, I want a hero that will stick with me. The kind of man who I could curl up and live with for a very long time. That guy who you can feel wrap his arms around you. And I want a female who is worthy of him. I want a woman who knows how to be a woman. Sometimes she’ll be everything I’m not and sometimes she’ll be everything that I am. Identifying with the characters is so important. Which might be why I tend to stay away from paranormal.

In this upcoming book, Brad is a good guy. He’s that guy you grew up with and lived down the street.  You know him. “Ryn” is the centerpiece in this story. She’s going to make you think twice about people. She’s pretty, very petite, and she’s very different. She seems to have it all, but really she doesn’t. You might not agree with her, but I hope you find her fascinating.

What’s your idea of a good book?


18 Responses to Coming Soon!

  1. Missy Lou says:

    so called “editors” these days rely almost entirely on a spell check program forgetting that there is also a grammar check one.!! You would have been appalled at the state in which my co-author and I found our workbook manuscript galley proofs when it was returned to us for a final edit. We had retained copies so we knew exactly what we had sent to the publisher and what we got back bore little resemblance to what we had sent. The publisher gave us a 10 day turn around time AFTER the manuscript had been in their hands for 18 months!! By the time the thing was actually published my co-author was no longer teaching and I was teaching part time so our royalties did not amount to a hill of beans!–one year in fact, we cleared $2,50 each!—-this has nothing to do with what I consider a good read, does it??? but I had forgotten how disturbed I was by the editing process—especially since I was a proofreader at our local newspaper back in the days when type was set by hand, letter by letter and proofreaders did their jobs reading upside down !! Yes, I am that old!!!!!


    • E. Ayers says:

      I really am finding Indie books to be a higher quality. There are exceptions. Anyone can shove a book out there, but the vast majority of us stand on our heads to put out top-notch publications.

      I’ve seen other authors complain that editors have done nothing but run a ms through one of several software checkers. There’s a difference between he is nowhere and he is now here.

      It’s was upside down and backwards, right? Those were the days!

      Thanks for stopping, Missy Lou!


      • Missy Lou says:

        and the biggest most common error is a lot!! –an automatic 5 point penalty every time a student used it!! –I even red penciled and sent back a memo from the dept; chair once because he used it in one.!—and did the same for a notice from the campus police chief! When asked if I didn’t fear for my job, my response was not only NO but hell no, because they needed me more than I needed them and the teaching job was not my sole source of income!


  2. Reblogged this on Michele Zurlo's Blog and commented:
    Can’t wait for this one!


    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks for the re-blog. I haven’t tried doing that yet. I’m so techno-challenged. LOL

      This story is a little different. I’ve got my fingers crossed for it. I hate politics. I’m a very liberal conservative – so I’m upset with both parties! But local politics is a bit different and often just as dirty if not more so!


  3. woolfcindy says:

    I hardly ever get the chance to read anymore. I read my critique partners books and a few romances that are usually erotic, but are still romance. My idea of a good book is one with a satisfying ending. A real ending. I don’t like serial novels. I want an end not a cliffhanger.


    • E. Ayers says:

      I HATE cliffhangers! Give me a story and end it!

      All my River City novels are complete novels. They don’t need to be read in order, but it’s fun if you do. And I’m sure some characters are more appealing than others. But everyone is different including my characters!


  4. A good book catches me early on and doesn’t let go until the last page is turned. Then it lingers in my mind….

    Can’t wait for this installment of River City lover stories.


    • E. Ayers says:

      Ryn is a bit of a spitfire. I think you’ll like her. She’s got her flaws.

      My River City novels are so different from my sweet westerns. There’s more heat to my River City novels but I tend to think they represent the average young couple today.


  5. Missy Lou says:

    auto correct just corrected my alot to a lot!!!!! wish it did that for every one who misuses that!!


  6. Jan says:

    E.! If I wasn’t so busy with others, I’d be on your newest RC right now! I love your books. I’m glad I can help you put them in better shape, but I know I’m not the perfect editor…you and me = best! I’m so appalled at some of the books I’ve gotten that went through up to 3 edits! Some I don’t think even use the spell check! I will continue editing by typing up the manuscript so I see what the problems are! Thanks, E. You are a gem for sending me more authors! Your books rock!


  7. I’m glad when editors find those mistakes. I can’t see them after a while and it’s helpful to have other eyes looking at a book. Typos are one thing in a book, but I read one NY published book that had no conflict between the characters. Hmm, took me a while to figure out what was wrong there. I love your RC books but I agree, the title needs a bit more.


    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Linda. I’m really toying with the idea of adding FOR LOVE to the title.

      Conflicts and black moments often drive me nuts when I read because they are outlandish. Really??? But in real life… I prefer writing the real life sort of stuff. Which often means the hero and heroine might love each other but careers, and other things tend to keep them apart.

      My RC book Forever is a prime example of lives that hardly meshed. He’s climbing into bed and she’s getting out. Everyone knows how tough that is on a relationship. Being willing to accept and find those snatches of time together it is a different matter. In the book Forever, both were committed to their careers.

      No one should ever be forced to give anything up for a relationship. They had to realize they were content with what they did have and be willing to commit to it.


  8. marymarvella says:

    I like what you have and the cover is great! BUT do what makes you feel best.


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