Yes, it’s Friday.

In a few minutes, I’ll send a manuscript to my editor. That always makes me feel good.One down and two to go.

And in case you didn’t notice, I’m playing with the way this site looks. I’m trying to make it better. The problem is I’m so techno-challenged! So you’ll see a few minor changes over the next week or so.

It’s supposed to be warm here today, as in walk outside without a suncoat or sweater! Yippee! And this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. Open the windows and let the sun shine in! I’ve been waiting for this weather. There’s something wonderful about airing out the house after a long winter.

I’m a happy camper. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll go look at real campers on Saturday. I keep saying I want a teardrop camper. That little one they show being pulled by a Mini Cooper. I’ve been in one and fell in love. They claim I can grab it by that stem thingy that hooks to the back of the car and pull it myself. Hmm, did you know a person can push a railroad car? The problem is getting it started, after that they say you can push with one hand. Yeah, right! I get worn out from steering grocery carts with wiggly wheels.

Anyway, the teardrop I saw is adorable. It’s like a child’s cottage. There’s not a lot of space but it does have a tiny stove, a tiny refrigerator, and a tiny sink. There’s a bathroom, which is hysterical. You practically have to sit on the potty then tuck your knees under the sink and the shower head is directly overhead. It adds meaning to the morning 3-S rituals known by every GI in America. I’ll be polite and say two of the S’s, shower and shave. I guess you don’t take your towel in with you. 🙂 And you don’t want to jump out of bed too quickly or your hit your head  That’s the main slope.

They are very inexpensive. And maybe they really are too small. But I want to be able to sneak away once in awhile. I figure I must eat no matter where I am and my only real cost would be gas. I want more than a tent and a whole lot less than some big thing that I have to drag around with me.

I have friends with big RV’s. The big ones are work! When they set up, they have tons to do, and they can’t go on certain roads with them. I want little. I really don’t want to pull into big RV camps. I want to find quiet places. The whole idea is to get away and be able to write. Sometimes it almost seems scary to do something that crazy all by myself, but I’d really like to try it.

Besides I have friends scattered around the USA and I’d like to scoffeeee them. Most have already told me to come, that they’ve got plenty of space for me to park. Wouldn’t that be fun? Have coffee cup, toothbrush, computer, camera, cellphone, will travel!

I intend to enjoy today. Maybe I’ll poke my nose in the garden. I have such a mess out there. A little here and a little there, and I’ll feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and chance to actually enjoy it.


4 Responses to TGIF!

  1. Missy Lou says:

    tried the little camper thing when I was much younger. didn’t like it then, wouldn’t like it now! But then, my idea of roughing it is carrying my own bags into a 5 star hotel! However, I have an rving friend who has a little class C camper and she took it from San Antonio, TX to Anchorage Alaska ALL BY HERSELF–well she did have 2 small dogs with her but they didn’t share much of the driving–My friend was in her mid 70’s at the time! So if that’s what you want to do, I say GO FOR IT!


    • E. Ayers says:

      Those 5 star hotels are wonderful and I don’t mind schlepping my bags either. The problem is my shoestring budget. 😦

      But your friend gives me hope. I’d love to see Alaska, but I’ve been told the best way is by cruise ship. Most of my friends are in the lower forty-eight. A car isn’t going to float its way to Hawaii and my bikini figure sagged a long time ago. I’ll save the 5-star hotel for Hawaii and buy some really cute slacks, and I’ll cruise to Alaska.


      • Missy Lou says:

        that same friend belongs to an organization of all women who drive their own rigs all over the place.–my 5 star hotel was part of a river boat cruise I took from Amsterdam to Bucharest where our last night before flying back home was spent in the said 5 star hotel.. I love those river boat cruises! only pack and repack when arriving on board and when departing ship. I’d do that 28 day trip in a heart beat if I had the chance!


        • E. Ayers says:

          I’ve heard there is a group of single women (Sisters on the Fly) who pull RV’s. Sounds like they have fun!

          That River Boat cruise sounds delightful. Such a relaxing way to tour part of Europe. Much easier than driving or catching flights.


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