A Glass Half Full

Life throws curve babaseballlls and we learn to cope with them. February was filled with them.

I lost a lot of stuff when my computer crashed. I mourn the loss of things I can’t replace and celebrate what little was recovered and saved.

Then I got a new computer equipment. My old software is gone and I’m learning new stuff. In a way, it’s exciting to have new things. Kind of like a new car that’s all shiny and pretty, but it’s still a car with 4 tires. Except this one has all new gismos and I can’t figure out to use the turn signals!

Then the word came the other day that my sister had died.  There’s a certain amount of mourning attached to her death.  She was the last of my siblings. There was a time that we were close, but her craziness became too much for me and I stayed away from her.  So I mourn the sister that I wished she had been and realize that she wasn’t.

I’ve never been Pollyanna, but I’ve always tried to stay upbeat and look at the positives. If we only look at the negatives, we set ourselves up for some sort of huge failure. But we must be realistic enough to consider them.

Is the glass halfhalf full full or half empty? It’s half full. Why is it only half full? Do we want to protect what is left or is it there for us to enjoy? What happened to the other half?  I like to look at all the angles then I make adjustments.

A Rancher's WomanI have a lot of readjusting to do this month and not a lot of time. My next River City book is due to go to the editor the end of this month and I’m not finished going through it one last time, but I’m on track to have it ready as  promised.

My newest book A Rancher’s Woman is doing well. Although the new cover isn’t really doing anything for it.  Where are those three thousand sales a month? Oh, that’s just not my luck. I write serious stories and that’s a different readership.


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