My Computer has Gone to the Cyber Graveyard.

I knew it was old, and I worried this would happen, but I didn’t expect to go out in blazing glory. For the more techie folks, the media on my hard disk “crumbled” – for non techie folks that would like taking the label off a CD and sandpapering it, then rubbing it with gravel. Most of what’s been recovered graveyardis garbage. Bits a pieces of files are useless. I thought my passwords were saved to a back up but I’ve only found a blank mess there. Probably that file was corrupted long before the whole disk went down.

I lost an impressive music collection and tons of horticulture photos, (I’m a professional photographer), not to mention family photos of my husband, children, and grandchildren. Approx 59,000 photos were salvaged. Not all are complete photos and there are some strange things mixed with them. And naturally, they are numbered 1,2,3,4,5. OMG! Do you know how long it will take to go through them? I’ll be a whole year sorting them.

But the weirdest thing is my inability to get back to my email. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. Of course, this comes just as the hosting company has decided not to host websites anymore. I had until Sept to move to another host, but when I do, my website as it stands must be completely rebuilt because it was built with the hosting company’s software. My computer geek has been working on trying to restore my email, but something is preventing what should be an easy thing. We’re suspicious it’s tied to the hosting company. So I might have to move and rebuild my website ASAP. (Okay, I admit my website is in severe need of being redone!)

Oh. And since my email is tied to my website and it seems to be non-functioning, I keep getting kicked out everything else because it swears I don’t exist! What????

The fortunate thing is the geek is a family member so I’m not paying for the recovery, or a ton for the new computer. All labor is free and I’m only getting nailed for the hardware at cost. But it’s not a great time to be buying new anything!

Life is full of uncertainty, and I should have been more prepared. We all know things go wrong and it happens in bunches. But, really, the time has come for the bunches to quit showering me. I’ve had enough!

For those who are wondering, my books are safe! (Those are backed up all over the place!) But seems as though I’ve lost two sets of edits! I’ll have to have the books re-edited. Another expense that I didn’t need.

There’s not too msmileany options when things go wrong. So it’s deal with the frustration, rant a little, pick up the pieces and be grateful for small things that can be salvaged, and then face the world with a smile. The rain washes things clean and I’ve been through a downpour.  So here’s to a brighter tomorrow! I’m ready for the sunshine and some warmer weather.

I think I’ll cut some forsythia branches tomorrow and bring them inside. In a couple of days, I’ll have pretty yellow blossoms to remind me that spring and the awakening of the earth is just around the corner! And who can resist yellow blossoms? They always make me smile.


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