Where did Wednesday go?

I have no clue, but it vanished.  I do know that I’ve turned on the TV and watched some of the Olympics.  I’ve watched Shawn and Shani and watched others being thrilled at victory. But unless I can see the flag on the “uniform,” I often can’t tell who is who.  Not that everyone looks alike,  but there’s no way to tell where someone is from.  Just because someone looks Asian doesn’t mean they are representing one of those countries. The world has become a huge melting pot.  I think it’s wonderful!

So many of these athletes are poetry in motion on the slopes and on the ice.  They are fun to watch.  I find myself leaning as they go around curves as if I really could steer anything. Or I’m holding my breath as a figure skater is tossed into the air.  These “kids” have springs for knees. And why do snowboarders where grungy pants when the other skiers were aerodynamic tight outfits that look like second skin? And why don’t skaters wear helmets to protect them if they fall?

Okay, so between Olympic TV watching, I’ve managed to attend a local writer’s meeting and I’ve put up a new cover for my historical western A Rancher’s Woman. What do you think of the new cover? ARWlandspe 400 x 600


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