About the Dragon – Feeding the Imagination

I’ve always had a wild imagination. I’d say nothing gory or sinister, but as a child, I could scare myself silly. A fifteen second clip of something scary had my imagination spinning out of control for months with nightmares that would make Stephen King cringe. As I grew older, I learned not to go there with my mind and looked for gentler things. Elves and fairies? Ballerinas and ballgowns? Of course! I don’t write about it – maybe one day, something very fairytale for adults. It could happen, but probably won’t. That doesn’t mean I’m too old to enjoy fun things.

Many years ago, I was at a local museum and in the gift shop they had a baby griffin, sitting on his haunches and sucking his thumb. It was so darn adorable, so ugly, but cute, and it wanted me to take it home. I could have cried. It came with a price tag that would have sank my budget for months. I told myself that if I was mean to have it, I’d find it again someplace when I had some money. I’ve never seen it since.

While looking for something else one day on the web, I spotted this and it made me go, “Ahhhh!” I have no idea where I found it – I might have been a wallpaper site. I just thought it was so precious that I saved it. Also the gal looks very much like my youngest granddaughter. Not exactly, but close.

I guess I’m still feeding my imagination and I probably always will. Do you feed yours?

Baby Dragon


10 Responses to About the Dragon – Feeding the Imagination

  1. Anonymous says:

    A whole new direction for your writing, E.


  2. I like it! I was a sci-fi and fantasy geek growing up, but never got around to writing those types of stories, at least professionally.


  3. So very cute. It makes me want one. When I was little, I used to change the endings of things I’d read or seen so I would have nightmares. perhaps that’s the seeds of a writer.


  4. rosgemmell says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous picture! I had a children’s story published last year abut a princess and a little dragon, but not as tiny as this cutie.


  5. Mona Risk says:

    I am also affected easily by things or image, or even worse by stories, that is why I don’t read thrillers.


  6. Calisa Rhose says:

    That’s a cute pic. Love your story too.


  7. Cute all the way around. 🙂


  8. Wonder if my cat would complain if I brought home a baby dragon???


  9. Great photo! We are dragon nuts around here.


  10. E. Ayers says:

    I know my cat would complain if I brought home a baby dragon. And for those who have raised teenagers, can you imagine trying to keep a dragon from spitting fire?
    But that is the sweetest picture. Wish I could have credited it to someone.
    Thanks everyone for stopping by and dropping a comment.


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