But I Never Get Sick!

Okay, I was tired and snuffly on Monday, but in the wee hours of Tuesday morning I must have taken up fire eating. So Tuesday was spent sleeping, reading on my Kindle, or shuffling to my computer to check the 500 emails that filter in during the day.

I hate being sick and all alone. Fortunately this isn’t much more than a horrible cold with a slight fever. But I figured out a long time ago that even if you aren’t alone, that doesn’t mean you’re going to receive great care. As you know, I was married to Prince Charming. He never got sick and had no clue what it was like to even have a cold. He also didn’t cook. Guess I’ve been lucky for it’s extremely rare that I catch anything that sends me to bed.

I remember many years ago when I had the flu and lost a few days, I’d wake up thinking I’m so hungry, but I’d drift back off. Apparently a family member inquired as to what I had eaten. Hubby admitted nothing, just some bottles of water that he left by the bed for me. They suggested that he feed me! Don’t know how he did it but he got a can of Chicken Noodle from Campbell’s and heated a cup of it for me. I remember him handing it to me and I was so happy. Food! At last! I ate three bites and handed it back. I couldn’t stay awake to eat more. I never saw it again. Fortunately, I lived.

Monday night, a friend bought me OJ, chocolate, boxes of Puffs Plus (my favorite), and everything I might need. Tuesday night, I was gifted with Mucinex, hot chicken noodle soup, and hot coffee. I swear by Mucinex, I could be their spokesperson!

It’s snowing outside. Lots of it! I’m used to snow, but this area isn’t. They are talking as much as a foot of it. That will paralyze the entire area. We usually only sees flurries or an inch or two of sloppy wet stuff. So by Wednesday evening, I’d better be back on my feet, because no one is going to be able to bring me a thing!

The time has come for me to curl up on the sofa and go back to reading on my Kindle. All those books that I’ve bought…I’m trying to read them. Being sick is a great excuse to do nothing but read.


One Response to But I Never Get Sick!

  1. C. Miller says:

    Hope you feel better soon!


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